Upgrade Your Instagram

Last week, Instagram shared several tips to help brands maximize the popular social media platform’s potential. The post on the company’s Tumblr page features several brands that Instagram sees as exemplarily users. Keep these helpful hints in mind the next time you take to your company’s Instagram account:

  1. Be true to your brand. Your photos should reflect a clear personality. You can try to work in current trends, but always stay true to your brand’s voice.
  2. Share experiences. Give your followers a look at what your brand makes possible.
  3. Find beauty everywhere. Beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places – take it from General Electric, one of the company’s featured in Instagram’s post. Take what your brand does and find a way to make it meaningful to your followers.
  4. Inspire action. Develop a hashtag and ask your followers to get involved.
  5. Know your audience. Once you know what people like about your brand, you can develop new content based on those characteristics.

Are you already using these guidelines? What other rules do you try to follow when posting to a client’s Instagram page?

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