Glassdoor – A Valuable PR Tool You May Have Overlooked

You’ve probably heard of Glassdoor – the job and career site launched in 2008 which offers something unique compared to other job boards – employee and interview experience reviews. As with Yelp, Trip Advisor, Open Table or any other website that encourages customer or visitor reviews, Glassdoor publishes all employee reviews, positive and negative (excluding those that may include inappropriate language). Although it is your human resources team’s role to track, monitor and be in-the-know about Glassdoor reviews that can harm a company’s reputation, Glassdoor is also a valuable tool for public relations pros.

Utilize this tool two ways – read the employee reviews and ensure the page enhances your company’s image wherever possible.

Uncover What You Don’t Know Through Employee Reviews.
Here’s an idea. When your creative side is feeling challenged for the next topic to pitch, visit your company or external client’s Glassdoor page and scan employee reviews. Maybe you will uncover positive information you did not know about. Maybe you’ll read that an employee enjoyed working with other employees across the country on a million-dollar fundraising initiative. Maybe you’ll read about an intern who had an opportunity to sit with the CEO at a new hires networking event. Utilize these reviews, dig for the deeper story.

Negative employee reviews contain information that can prove similarly valuable. Media representatives and bloggers might visit your company’s Glassdoor page in search of something to fill in their story blanks. Be proactive by making yourself aware, reading between the lines and staying current on potential crises. Look for the red flags that could blow up – fear of mergers, layoffs or management changes – and find out as much as you can so you’re equipped if called upon.

Enhance Your Glassdoor Page. Build a Positive Image.
Work with your marketing and human resources teams to ensure the company’s Glassdoor presence is one everyone is proud of.

Here’s how:

  • Include links to your company website, careers page, blogs and social media outlets.
  • Showcase photos from community service projects, awards ceremonies and your cutting-edge facility.
  • List of all your company’s awards and honors.
  • Work with human resources to encourage employees to post reviews.
    (The more positive reviews posted, the higher the company’s ranking.)
  • Ensure that someone is designated as the company point person for responding to reviews.
  • Subscribe to “follow” your company to receive email notifications when new reviews are posted.

Are you utilizing this priceless PR tool to position your company as one that is doing great things?

This post was written by PPRA member Karen Toner. Karen is communications manager at ParenteBeard, a top 25 accounting firm in Center City. She learned about Glassdoor when encouraged to review one company’s repeated horrible employee reviews for a laugh. Hopefully your company’s Glassdoor page is not a PR nightmare like that one.

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