How To Nail Your Next PR Job Interview

With graduation season upon us, countless college grads will now be making their way into offices around the country (and the world) to interview for their first “real” job. There are some basic tips to keep in mind when interviewing for any type of job, and then there are others that change based on the industry you are trying to enter.

A recent PR Daily article, “5 boxes to check in a PR job interview,” shares several things that you should keep in mind during your next interview. While these tips are particularly helpful for new grads, they definitely hold true for those already in the industry as well.

  1. Media: Still part of the discussion. Experience with media relations is still very important. If you haven’t had the opportunity to work directly with the press yet, you should at least have a working knowledge of the media landscape.
  2. Do you fit the company? First, you need to make sure you really research the company you are interviewing with and understand what they do. A quick glance at the website doesn’t count. Second, you must make sure you can relate your experiences to the duties of the job. Yes, it’s great that you studied abroad and did volunteer work, but how will those experiences translate into real skills that you can use on the job?
  3. Does the company fit you? Interviewers don’t just want to hear about how their company is a good fit for you. They also want to know what YOU could do to help the company.
  4. Defend/animate your resume. Chances are, the person interviewing you has already read your resume. So, you better be ready to explain what you have listed on it. Bringing examples of your work also helps.
  5. Find your voice before you get to the interview. A conversational “middle ground” is needed for a successful interview. Sometimes it can be tricky to portray confidence without coming off as cock (or even bored). Practicing your interview is always a great way to help find the correct tone and demeanor.

What else do you consider or keep in mind when going into an interview for a job in the PR/communications industry?


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