Don’t Get Stuck In A Pitching Rut

No matter how long we’ve been in the industry or how many placements we land, all PR pros suffer the occasional pitching standstill. You have what you think is the greatest story idea, and you are working day and night to grab a reporter’s interest, but for whatever reason it just isn’t working out.

Before you decide to throw in the towel, consider some of the following tips from InkHouse, a bi-coastal PR agency, to help you get out of your pitching rut.

  1. Take a hard and close look at the pitch. What changes can you make? Could it be shorter? Include a visual element?
  2. Turn to a friend. Have a fresh pair of eyes look over your pitch for any red flags or even minor tweaks.
  3. Pick up the phone. We’re used to calling reporters to follow-up after sending them an email pitch, but sometimes calling a member of the media before sending the email pitch can help. Never underestimate the power of conversation.

For more of InkHouse’s tips, visit their blog.

What do you normally do when your pitch is struggling to gain traction?

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