PPRA Members Win Big at PRSA Philly Pepperpot Awards

On December 2, PRSA Philly held its 46th annual PRSA Philly Pepperpot Awards, recognizing the best public relations campaigns and tactics in the region. PPRA’s membership had quite a successful night, taking home awards in two-thirds of the 38 categories. Congratulations to all our partners on your honors!

Anne Klein Communications Group – 2 Pepperpots and 2 ladles
Feature Stories (Pepperpot), Crisis Communications and Issues Management (Pepperpot), Public Service (Ladle), Research (Ladle)

Brownstein Group – 7 Pepperpots and 2 Ladles
Reputation/Brand Management Program (Pepperpot), Community Relations (Pepperpot), Social Media (Pepperpot), Social Media Platform (Pepperpot), Research (Pepperpot), Advertorials (Pepperpot), Media Relations: For Profit (Pepperpot and Ladle), Marketing B2B (Ladle)

Devine and Partners – 1 Pepperpot
Special Events – Seven Days or More and Budget Over $15K (Pepperpot)

Drexel University – 3 Pepperpots
Media Relations: Not for Profit (Pepperpot), Annual Report (Pepperpot), Website (Pepperpot)

Furia Rubel Communications – 2 Ladles
Community Relations (Ladle), Website (Ladle)

Hornercom – 4 Pepperpots and 3 Ladles
Marketing Communications – Established Services (Pepperpot), Special Events & Observances – Seven Days or Fewer and Budget Over $15K (Pepperpot), Press Conference (Pepperpot), Brochures (Pepperpot), Reputation/Brand Management Program (Ladle), Integrated Communications (Ladle), Media Relations (Ladle)

Simon PR – 3 Pepperpots and 2 Ladles
Pro Bono Services (Pepperpot), Marketing Communications – New Products and Services (Pepperpot), Marketing B2B (Pepperpot), Special Events & Observances – Seven Days or Fewer and Budget Under $15K (Ladle), Editorial/Op-ed (Ladle)

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