Five Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss PPRA’s Networking 101

ONE Even as outgoing communications people, networking can be TERRIFYING. Start in a spearssafe place!

One day you are going to find yourself at a networking event where you don’t know anyone, everyone is older than you, and they have all been in the business for years. Or at least…that is what it will feel like…

These events are overwhelming at first and you’ll definitely want more networking experience before you find yourself in that position. Networking 101 with PPRA is a networking event FOR YOU. It is geared towards college students so they can learn more about how to network and then do so with the many supportive professionals attending.

TWO While peer connections are invaluable, your network needs to consist suitofexperienced players, too.

The connections you make with fellow classmates, school club members, and even roommates can lead to incredible things. However, you and your peers are essentially at the same experience level. It’s important to connect with professionals who have not only been where you’ve been, but have also surpassed that place.

Knowing these kinds of people, like keynote speaker Justin Pizzi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Saxby’s Coffee, can help you understand what your next steps need to be to reach your goals. It can also help you down the line if someone you met through networking, like at the speed session, knows another professional at your dream job!

THREE You’ll learn what you’ve been doing right, and what you’re “not-so-hot” at…oh

Professionals say you should have business cards everywhere you go. It’s true. They can be simple with just your name, industry of interest, and contact information. The fact that you have one will be impressive enough!

However, just because you have business cards doesn’t mean you are good to go. Take it from this PPRA member…

“I was going to my first networking event with business cards in tow. I knew it was important and I was proud of myself for getting them. However…once I got there, I realized that despite my preparedness, I still had a lot of work to do. Most of the people there floated effortlessly from person to person, spending just the right amount of time with each other and then casually trading cards.

I, on the other hand, was not so graceful. I either spent too much time with one person, letting them know more than they needed or wanted to know about me, or too little time, leaving them wondering why I even bothered to speak with them in the first place. Having my business card meant nothing because most of the time I was too afraid to bring it up and give it to someone.

This might seem like a networking horror story, but it really wasn’t. I learned so much about myself that night. I was an organized person, ready to dive in. These are great traits for this field. I found that having your supplies ready and being eager isn’t enough and I needed to work on my networking skills. I only wish I’d known about Networking 101 when I was in school.”

FOUR It’s the best bang for your buck!!

parksAs you move forward in your career, you’ll find many professional events and networking opportunities can be rather expensive. When you’re making a salary (at your dream job we discussed earlier) that might be okay, but as a student, these events can empty your wallet.

Because Networking 101 is made for college students, it’s only $15! That includes hearing from a keynote speaker, networking with peers and professionals, and refreshments! You’d spend that much for lunch on campus! So pack your lunch and get registered today!

FIVE You will come out of the event as a more confident professional ready to take on the communications world.bey

Practice and experience are key to becoming a great networker. You may leave Networking 101 finding out things you wish you were better at, but you’re also going to recognize things you rock at, meet a ton of new people, get your name out there, and learn from the best of the best.

You’ll be feeling super excited for the next step in your career. Maybe you will rush home to update your resume/LinkedIn. Perhaps you’ll sign up for another networking or PPRA event. Consider asking one of your new connections to go to coffee for some mentoring. Heck, maybe you need to get back to your dorm to study and ace your Comm. Theory exam the next day. No matter what, you’ll be confident and motivated to move forward!

Networking 101
Thursday, Oct. 13
Saxbys Headquarters
2300 Chestnut St., Suite 310
Philadelphia, PA
$15 registration

5:45 – 6 p.m. Registration and Refreshments
6 – 7 p.m. Keynote Presentation
7 – 8 p.m. Speed Networking

About Networking 101

Four out of five jobs are secured through networking, according to a recent study. Indeed, what you know can help you succeed on the job, but who you know can help you get your foot in the door. But how can you practice networking in a way that is authentic and effective? Find out at PPRA’s annual Networking 101 event for college students and young professionals!

The evening features keynote remarks from Justin Pizzi, vice president of sales and marketing at Saxbys Coffee. Come hear how networking helped Pizzi transition from college student to a major market television reporter to his current role as an executive for a growing consumer brand. Learn how you, too, can network to success!

Following the discussion and Q&A session, put your new knowledge to the test during a speed networking opportunity with professionals from a broad cross-section of the communications industry, including agency, healthcare, sports & entertainment, non-profit, and more.

Attendees will even have the opportunity to win raffle prizes, including one-on-one informational interviews, shadow days, and other coveted networking opportunities with Philadelphia-area communications professionals.

Keynote Speaker

  • Justin Pizzi, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Saxbys Coffee

Speed Networking

  • Ashley Berke, Penn Vet
  • Tyler Cameron, Slice Communications
  • Christina Cassidy, Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Kathryn Conda, Bancroft
  • Kathleen Conlon, Independence Blue Cross
  • Meredith Fitzgerald, Comcast
  • Darrah Foster, Anne Klein Communications Group
  • Jenea Robinson, Visit Philadelphia
  • Diana Torralvo, NBC 10/Telemundo 62
  • Meredith Wertz, Comcast

Contact Information:
Denise Downing
Registration Information:
Deadline: Thursday, Oct. 13

Cancellations are accepted in writing by Oct. 11. No Refunds after Oct. 11. No-shows will be billed.


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