Infographic: How to Pitch Broadcast Media

By Melissa Maycott

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon program hosted by the Philadelphia Public Relations Association. The program, “Broadcast Media Panel Offers Tips for Getting Your Stories on the Air,” featured some of the Philadelphia-region’s most notable radio and television news personalities:

Amid a crowd of roughly 75 of my PR peers (some familiar faces and some I’d just met), I listened intently as the panelists shared their personal experiences interacting with PR professionals pleading to get their story on the air and offered tips on how to make that happen.

Below, and in a printable version,  this infographic contains my key takeaways from the event.

Remember, every #PRFail – and believe me, I’ve had plenty throughout my almost decade-long career — can be  a learning experience to help you grow in your practice. The key is recognizing when you’ve made a mistake, how you could have approached the situation better and putting that insight to good use as you pick up the phone to pitch your next big story.


Melissa Maycott is Media Relations Manager at Tonic Life Communications


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