Four Ways Careers 101 Could Land You a Job

It is the end of February 2018, and for many college students this is a time to worry about two things:

1. Solidifying a Spring Break destination


2. Solidifying a job for after graduation


Although PPRA cannot book you a spring break cruise, it can help land you a job post-graduation through its signature event! Join PPRA Tuesday, April 10 from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the PECO Energy Hall for Careers 101: From College to Career.

Now in its 12th year, Careers 101 is an event featuring a panel of professionals in the PR and communications industry who can help provide answers to the questions many grads have entering their job searches.

This year’s panelists include:

  • Amber Burns, Media Relations, Visit Philly
  • Danielle Cohn, Senior Director of Entrepreneurial Engagement, Comcast and 2014 PPRA Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Doug Oliver, Director of Communications, PECO
  • Logan Yu, Account Coordinator, Vault Communications

To register and learn more about the evening’s activities, click here. If you would like to learn how Careers 101 could help you get a job post-graduation, keep reading!

Often times, grads ask those with careers, “How did you get your first job out of college?” They are then hit with answers like this:


Or maybe they’re told “you have to have connections” but it turns out connections are not easy to find.


Although it is stressful, DO NOT FRET; Careers 101 is here to help! Here are four ways attending this event could help you land a job.

1. A panel of communication industry professionals will be available to answer burning questions


As opposed to the typical “keep searching” and “be patient” responses grads often receive when seeking advice, these panelists are prepared to take a deep dive. From personal successes and failures to do’s and don’ts learned along the way, they have all been in your position and want to help!

This Q&A session could help you snag a job by learning from those who were once in your position. Taking a panelists interview advice or learning from a cover letter faux pas could play role in landing your first job.



Everyone says it, so it must be true (and it really is)! Networking is a major key. Aside from the panel, there will be dozens of communications professionals mingling at the PECO Energy Hall there to help Y-O-U. Striking up a conversation and picking their brains could assist in your job search because you never know who you’re going to meet.

PPRA members work for a myriad of different companies and organizations in various focuses of communications. Networking with those in attendance could hWeelp open doors for you throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. Building and maintaining relationships made during Careers 101 could give you a leg up on the competition while job hunting. Who knows, one of the communications professionals present could be looking for a mentee, which leads to the next reason Careers 101 could help you get a job.

3. A newly implemented mentorship component of the event will allow attendees to learn how PPRA can help facilitate meaningful mentor-mentee relationship


We all know this 90’s TV mentor/mentee relationship is one of the greatest of ALL TIME. Mr. Feeny provided wisdom, knowledge, advice and experience that allowed Corey and the gang to navigate life from middle school to college graduation and beyond.

Mr. Feeny will not be present at Careers 101, BUT there will be mentees and mentors in attendance that can speak to the importance of mentorship. Being new to the workforce is scary and there are a lot of situations and scenarios you may not know how to navigate. Having a mentor in the profession you are entering could provide you with valuable insight and advice and even connect you to various opportunities for career growth and development.

4. Resume critiques and free head shots will be available to make sure you’re looking your best both on paper and in photos



PPRA wants to make sure your resume gets you a call back or an interview by providing resume critiques done by professionals. Not sure if your format is the most appealing? How can you make your resume pop without 12 years of experience and a PhD? Drop your resume off at the beginning of the night to have the best in the business review it and make edits and suggestions. Some of the critics will provide their contact info for those wanting further assistance with their resume.

Philip Gabriel Photography will be onsite providing complimentary professional head shots, giving your LinkedIn that extra oomph for potential employers to see.

PPRA’s Careers 101 is a great way to network and learn from professionals that were once in your shoes. Landing your first job after graduation can be scary and stressful, but PPRA wants to help ease the process. If you have not signed up for Careers 101, it is not too late. Go to to register.

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