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By Erin Jay, Flynn Media

Working Moms don’t have the time or energy to get to networking events frequently–especially if their kids are young.

When I lived in Manhattan and was single, I attended networking events every week. I was also in some networking groups that met regularly. Now that I am working with two tykes, I don’t have the time to be in a regular group or attend weekly business meet-ups. Personal time is slim these days. I’m very selective about what I attend.

Last night I went to a networking event and heard Sarah Maizes, author of the new book “Got Milf?” speak. She traveled all the way from LA to speak to CCPA in Philadelphia. Her talk was humorous and entertaining. I was curious to know how she got published since I have a literary agent representing me. When she opened up the floor for questions, I asked her. Of course, it did not hurt that Sarah was a former literary agent herself and knew how to craft a winning proposal.

After her speech, I approached Sarah with another question or two about publishing and working with an agent. Her advice was very helpful–worth the price of admission.

Networking is an art. Be selective about what you attend and consider:

* The audience: Will prospective clients be there and is there enough time for one-on-one networking?

* The speaker: What questions would you like to ask this expert? If there is no open panel, you’ll want to ask the speaker after he or she presents.

Every city has a variety of business groups with their own events. It’s up to you to pick and choose wisely where to spend your time.

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