Why You Need to Invest in Public Relations

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By Buchanan Public Relations

As companies strive to expand their digital footprint, and with presence on social media a growing priority, it’s never been a better time to invest in public relations. BPR President Anne Buchanan offered nine good reasons in a Public Relations Global Network blog post last week.

“You don’t want your first interaction with the media to be when your company is at its worst,” says Ms. Buchanan. “Investing in regular public relations ensures that crucial relationships are already in place when you might need support.”

Still need some convincing? The BPR team offers even more reasons to invest in PR:

“PR professionals are ideal communications consultants. We can help a company see potential impacts from all angles and determine the best messaging for the most favorable outcome. We’re hyper-aware of sensitive issues and language that can elicit negative emotions, which can help a company avoid unintended snafus. And we can inherently understand the most impactful and meaningful messages within a story to help it best resonate with the audience.” – Megan Keohane, Assistant Vice President

“Despite what some websites and blogs may tell you, PR is not something a CEO can do herself. In addition to it requiring a special set of talents, relationships and experience, it takes an exceptional amount of time away from running the company. It’s important to not only invest in PR, but to invest in an agency or PR practitioner who can help you do it well.”– Nicole Lasorda, Vice President

Every company has a unique story to tell. PR raises awareness around that story in creative, inspired and innovative ways that might otherwise go unseen.” – Lauren Force, Account Coordinator

“A strategic public relations program can position your company as the expert in your subject matter to prospective clients, existing clients and peers.” – John Reynolds, Senior Account Executive

“An organization should invest in PR because it’s one of the best ways to cultivate and protect its story. If companies don’t invest in PR, they risk having the media and general public write their own version of their story – which may end up being the exact opposite of how those organizations want to be portrayed.” – Jen Tedeschi, Account Executive

Note: PPRA is composed of many distinct organizations and individuals, each with different perspectives and specializations in diverse areas of public relations. Many of these members’ websites feature blogs with valuable insights and advice, and we would like to make this content available to you. Periodically, we will repost content from member blogs. If you would like to see your company’s blog considered, email Stephen Krasowski at skrasowski@rmahq.org.

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