#PPRA Member Monday – Rachel Zatcoff

#PPRAMember Monday_Zatcoff

Rachel Zatcoff is the Media Relations Specialist at Vault Communications. She has been a member of PPRA for four years.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rachel_Jakub

Rachel is the Media Relations Specialist at Vault Communications, where she is responsible for supporting the agency’s clients with strategic communications, media outreach and maintaining relationships with media contacts at the local, regional and national levels. Rachel is currently the agency’s internship coordinator and enjoys mentoring young talent. In her career, she’s witnessed the World’s Largest Pierogi, had a client on the Rachael Ray Show and successfully mastered how to book local chefs on television stations around the country.

PPRA: Who are your clients and/or what are you working on right now?

RZ: I service all of Vault’s clients, however, not all at once! We just wrapped a huge campaign for National Bagel Day on behalf of Thomas’ Bagels and at the moment, I’m working on a hot new business project.

PPRA: What is your favorite part of your job?

RZ: Working with the media! I love meeting new reporters, producers and journalists from local, regional and national outlets. My goal is to build relationships so that I can serve as a resource to their needs on behalf of my clients. 

PPRA: What was your latest & greatest accomplishment at your job?

RZ: I’m proud of everything I do, but most proud of mentoring younger talent in our internship program and our junior level staff. 

PPRA: What one piece of advice would you give to your fellow PR pros?

RZ: Positive persistence pays off. 

PPRA: What book or movie could you read or watch again and again?

RZ: Either Serendipity or Center Stage (both movies!) 

PPRA: What’s your favorite spot in Philly?

RZ: Tough choice because I love the city so much. I love walking along the waterfront or around Old City.

PPRA: If you weren’t in PR, what profession do you see yourself in and why?

RZ: I always dreamt of being a broadway actress or an anchor on television. I am a people-person and love being onstage!

PPRA: Favorite Philly Food?

RZ: It’s a cliche but a soft pretzel or a cheesesteak (wiz wit) from Jim’s South Street.

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