#PPRAMember Monday – Linda Descano, CFA

#PPRAMember Monday_Descano

Linda Descano, CFA, is an EVP at Red Havas. She has been a member of PPRA for two years.

Twitter: @LindaDescano

Facebook: Linda Descano

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindadescano/

In her work as an EVP with Red Havas, a global agency micronetwork that specializes in merged media, Linda provides strategic counsel on corporate comms, internal comms and executive visibility programs.    

Previously, she spent 20+ years at Citi, serving in various senior-level positions including president and CEO of Women & Co., an award-winning financial advisory program for women; and managing director and global head of content marketing and social media for Citi’s Global Consumer Bank.

She also serves as an adjunct professor and advisory council member for the Fox School of Business M.S. in Digital Innovation in Marketing program and on the board of directors of New York Women in Communications (and a past president).

PPRA: Who are your clients and/or what are you working on right now?

LD: I work with global pharmaceutical, life sciences, financial services and consumer products companies, mostly on corporate communications, executive visibility, and internal communications programs.

PPRA: What is your favorite part of your job?

LD: I love the frenetic pace, that every day is different and that there is always an opportunity to learn something new — whether it’s about a new product, a new brand, a new company or a new category. For someone who thrives on change and continuous learning, it’s heaven! 

PPRA: What was your latest & greatest accomplishment at your job?

LD: What I’m most proud of is seeing those who used to work for me now starting their own businesses, securing senior positions in-house at a brand, or getting that sought-after promotion. 

PPRA: What one piece of advice would you give to your fellow PR pros?

LD: Put yourself in your client’s shoes: think about the environment your client is operating in, both internally and externally, when you are bringing ideas to the table so that you are crafting them in a way that enables your client to sell it inside and provides context for why this is relevant and resonant within their category landscape. 

PPRA: What book or movie could you read or watch again and again?

LD: For me, it’s The Great Gatsby, which I faithfully read every year. 

PPRA: What’s your favorite spot in Philly?

LD: Philadelphia Magic Garden

PPRA: If you weren’t in PR, what profession do you see yourself in and why?

LD: Well, I spent 20+ years in financial services before coming to the world of PR, so this is still very new to me and provides the opportunity to do what I love: tell stories.

PPRA: Favorite Philly Food?

LD: Hands down, a cannoli from Termini Brothers.

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