Between You and MEdia…Stephania Jimenez of NBC10

How did you get started as a journalist?

I took a journalism class in high school, wrote for my high school paper, and then became the editor. During college I interned at FOX News Radio network, and got to do interviews and write stories — it was a really hands-on experience.

What was your first paid position?

Working part-time as a writer for a TV news station in Miami; I was straight out of college.

After that, I moved back to New York, and FOX News Radio offered me a job writing and producing. I always new that TV was my goal so I went to the public access TV station in Brooklyn, working on documentaries and my tape. Then I got my first TV gig at NBC in El Paso, Texas. I joined NBC10 in Philadelphia in 2018.

What do you look for in a pitch?

Usually the pitches should tie in to a national story, but offer a local perspective.

In addition to what the story is, I suggest PR folks include the following in their pitches:

  • Suggestion for local experts to interview
  • Include regular people, too. If you’re opening the first clinic in Fishtown helping single moms, we need to hear from a single mom
  • Always look at the angle that makes your story interesting and different than any other story I could be doing
  • Buzzwords: if something is the “first” or “only” that’s really important to note

And it’s not just about the interview(s) – if we’re doing a TV story, think about imagery. What are you offering that is visually striking? Where can we shoot? If reporters/producers don’t have interesting pictures to go along with the story, it’s much harder for us to get it approved.

Is following up with you OK?

If I know you, you can text me to follow up on a pitch. You can also give me a heads up that a pitch is coming.

If I don’t know you, you should try to develop a relationship because we get hundreds of emails a day and if we know each other, I’ll definitely look at yours.

How? Feel free to email me to introduce yourself with some basic info: I’m so and so, I work for this agency, we have a ton of fun stuff coming up, I’d love to chat with you about some ideas — I’ll work around your schedule. Then I’ll reach out when I can.

What are your favorite types of stories to report? 

Health and human interest stories — anything that’s a break from the regular crime stories, like positive things happening in the community.

Can you share a fun and interesting fact about yourself?

I’m a foodie – I especially love Greek food and Texas BBQ,

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