Mix & Match Your Social Networks

Any good PR pro knows that social media sites have varying audiences and favor different types of content, but it is also important to learn how you can pair your social networks in order to give your brand more exposure.

Mashable recently shared some tips on which social platforms work well together and how you can best use these combinations. The pairings included:

  • Instagram and Pinterest
  • Tumblr and Pinterest
  • Twitter and Pinterest
  • YouTube and  “Everything Else”
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Twitter and Tumblr/Reddit

How have you mix & matched your brand’s social networks? Which combinations have proved to be most successful? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

This post was written by PPRA Blog Chair Lauren Cox. Lauren is a Public Relations Specialist in the Office of the CIty Representative, where she works on the City’s major events like the Wawa Welcome America! Festival and the Philadelphia Marathon. Connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

We’re All Ears

As PR professionals, we have all struggled with the same social media questions. Will this platform help my business? Can tweeting really promote thought leadership? What is the value of a recommendation on LinkedIn?

Sound familiar?

The Philadelphia Public Relations Association invites you to engage with your colleagues on all of our social media channels — and not because we care about adding numbers to our pages; but rather, because we all have the same objectives in mind: to reach people; to find our audience; and to influence them in positive ways.

Forget the platforms. Forget the jargon. Then the questions become “how are we engaging potential clients?” and “are we telling our stories where they need to be told?”

These aren’t social media questions. They are public relations questions. They are questions we should all be asking — and should continue to ask — whether it’s about Twitter, Facebook, or the myriad of ways we share information.

Social media can be en excellent tool, both for our members and for our association. We can promote the group by promoting each other. Rest assured: if you speak up, we will listen.

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This post was written by PPRA Social Media Co-Chair Joseph Master. Joseph is the Assistant Director of Communications at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, where he manages strategy and content generation for all online communications. Get to know more about Joseph by connecting with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.