Tips For Taking The Perfect Headshot

Picture Day is quickly approaching! Join PPRA on January 29 for a special beer tasting and headshot taking Happy Hour at one of the Philadelphia’s top spots — Strangelove’s. Attendees can enjoy a drink of their choice or a tasting of three draft beers, all the while snacking on yummy apps and socializing with friends and colleagues. They will also have the opportunity to have professional headshots taken by local photographer Jim McWilliams.

Prepping for professional headshots can be tricky, so Jim has shared a few of his top tips with us to help you get ready.

  1. Think about the backdrop when choosing your outfit. For the upcoming PPRA event, a gray backdrop will be used. Something that is black, blue, charcoal gray or even red/maroon will work best. Try to avoid earth tones (tans, brown or green) for this backdrop.
  2. Avoid severe hairstyles. Hairstyles are very personal decisions, but styles that comes across or close to your eyes should be avoided. Hair that hangs alongside the jaw line can sometimes cause shadows, so Jim recommends keeping hair away from the cheek bones and eyes.
  3. Don’t be afraid to smileMany people don’t like the way their face contorts or how their teeth look when they smile. Jim suggests communicating your concerns to the photographer, and says they will usually try it both ways and let the individual decide which photo they want to use. While some folks like to look serious in their professional shots, a small smile can never hurt.
  4. Don’t stray from your normal makeup routine. Women should stick to the makeup they normally wear – don’t feel pressured to pile it on for photos.
  5. Check your teeth! It may seem obvious, but since these photos will be taken during  a Happy Hour event, it is especially important that you check for food before taking your headshots.

You can sign up PPRA’s Picture Day here.