Bank and Bourbon Event Recap


PPRA recently hosted a social program at Bank & Bourbon with interesting facts about bourbon. Bank & Bourbon is located in the lobby of the Lowes Hotel and it is a great spot to get a taste of the popular American spirit. While sipping on three types of bourbon, we also savored three local cheeses and an assortment of charcuterie, bourbon, whiskey, rye, wine and beer to educate others and to create some of the best cocktails in the city!

According to a February 6, 2014 Fortune Magazine article, “A decade ago, the   American whiskey industry was flat on its back, having suffered decades of weak sales and underinvestment. Today, though, bourbon – the corn-based, barrel-aged spirit that accounts for the vast majority of the whiskey made in America – is everywhere, from Mad Men to the wet bars of C-level office suites, feeding a global ecosystem of tourism, whiskey bars, cocktail competitions, and craft distilleries.”

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