Between You and MEdia…Miguel Martinez-Valle

In this edition of Between You and MEdia, we chat with Miguel Martinez-Valle, reporter with NBC10 and Telemundo62

How did you get started as a journalist

My journalism journey started when I read the middle school announcements over the loud speakers. From there I developed a love for broadcasting taking TV and journalism l classes in HS and college. Eventually leading to careers in English and Spanish in Las Vegas and now Philadelphia. 

Who/what inspired you to pursue journalism and what keeps you inspired?

My inspiration has always been journalists like Jose Díaz Balart and Jorge Ramos. Powerful and brave journalists who fight for their community. Díaz Balart specifically inspired me to pursue doing both English and Spanish language media.

How do you work with PR professionals?

I work with PR professionals a few times a month when I am pitched a topical story or need help reaching a certain business.

How many pitches do you get a day from PR folks? 

I would say probably 5-15 pitches a day.

How much follow up is too much on a pitch—with someone you don’t have a relationship with, and someone you do? 

I would say if it’s a good pitch one reminder follow up is enough. Sometimes with a busy news day things get lost so with one follow up you can get someone’s attention.

How do you prefer to be pitched? What is the best way to make a pitch stand out?  

I like pitches that get to the hook right away. The shorter the better. Especially if I’m trying to find a story I don’t have a lot of time to read paragraphs. Just need what the pitch is and basic details.

What advice would you give PR professionals looking to pitch you? 

My advice would be to only pitch when it’s topical and relevant. Avoid over pitching. And definitely avoid pitching when there’s an overwhelming story taking priority on the news.

How do you step away from the 24 hour newscycle? What do you do outside of work?

Outside of work I really enjoy dining out. I love trying our Philadelphia restaurants, have really enjoyed seeing the creative outdoor set-ups, and am a notorious lover of brunch.

Can you share a fun and interesting fact about yourself?

I was born in Mexico and lived there until age 5. But I am a terrible dancer.

Best way to contact you?

I can be reached via email at Miguel.Martí

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