Bev Volpe is a Partner at Snap2 Marketing/PR. Bev has been a PPRA member for 20 years!. She serves on PPRA’s programming committee.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Snap2MarketingandPR/

Twitter: @BevSnap2

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/beverly-volpe-26949613/

PPRA: Bev, tell us a bit about your background and your current job.

BV: My greatest role model was my grandfather–a painting contractor, an artist and a great storyteller–so I grew up with a paintbrush in one hand and a book in another. I guess you can say creativity is in my genes. My career has spanned the corporate world (DuPont and PNC) non-profits (Prince Music Theater and the Pennsylvania Ballet) and several agencies. Today, I’m honoring my grandfather’s legacy as a small business owner, and it’s thrilling to use everything I’ve learned throughout my career for clients: strategic planning, digital marketing, branding, events, and of course, PR!

PPRA: Who are your clients and/or what projects are you working on right now?

BV: My biggest client is a fast-growing company that outsources HR; my business partner and I serve as their outsourced marketing department. Right now, we are working on a B2B campaign around sexual harassment in the workplace.

PPRA: What is your favorite part about your job?

BV: I love being my own boss and hearing from other women (including my daughter Joanna, who is a PPRA member) that they see me as a role model. I’m fortunate to have a great business partner who is a talented designer, a successful entrepreneur, and a wonderful person. As for PPRA, it’s a group where I get to mentor young professionals — one of my most favorite activities.

PPRA: What was your latest & greatest accomplishment at your job?

BV: (1) Leading change management communications as Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County consolidated with its Delaware County neighbor. The campaign included a listening tour with stakeholders, key messaging, direct mail, infographics and new architecture, copy and design for their website (2) Writing Select Greater Philadelphia’s Regional Report which tells companies why they should choose our region as their home (3) Positioning the HR company’s CEO as a thought leader with a 3-page feature in his industry’s magazine

PPRA: What one piece of advice would you give to your fellow PR pros?

BV: Be curious and be optimistic. We are storytellers, and everyone has a story to tell. The fun part of the job is to find the gem of the story. Ask lots of questions, listen carefully to clients, find what intrigues you, and then craft the story so artfully that everyone has to listen.

PPRA: What book or movie could you read or watch again and again?

BV: A history buff, I could read Gone With the Wind over and over. The epic sweep of the story, the very human characters, and Scarlett’s optimism and resilience all resonate with me.

PPRA: What’s your favorite spot in Philly (museum, park, store, etc.)?

BV: That’s a toss-up: the banks of the Schuylkill River near the Fairmount Water Works for the serenity, the people watching, the history and the skyline views; Citizen’s Bank Park (go Phillies!); and The Barnes.

PPRA: How do you take your cheesesteak?

BV: Sorry, I don’t eat cheesesteaks. But give me Philly soft pretzels with spicy mustard any day!

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